Notes on the taxonomy of the Doryctinae with description of a new genus and three new species from the Oriental region (Hymenoptera: Braconidae).

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1993
Authors:S. A. Belokobylskij
Journal:Zoosystematica Rossica

The taxonomy of some Old World Doryctinae is discussed. New taxa: Hemidoryctes (gen.n.) soror sp.n. (Java), Caenophanes luculentus sp.n., Dendrosotinus gratus sp.n. (both from Vietnam). New synonymies: Dendrosotinus Telenga, 1941 = Gildoria Hedqvist, 1974; Pseudorhoptrocentrus niger (Szepligeti, 1914), comb.n. (from Neodoryctes) = P. brunneus Granger, 1949; Caenophanes incompletus (Ratzeburg, 1844) = Heterospilus rugosifrons Picard, 1939. Dendrosotinus Telenga, 1941 is considered as a good genus distinct from Caenophanes Förster, 1862. Lectotypes of Pseudorhoptrocentrus brunneus Granger, 1949 and Heterospilus rugosifrons Picard, 1939 are designated.

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