Molecular phylogenetic analyses and morphological variation point to taxonomic problems among four genera of parasitoid doryctine wasps (Hymenoptera : Braconidae)

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2015
Authors:M. Gebiola, Garonna, A. P., Bernardo, U., Belokobylskij, S. A.
Journal:Invertebrate Systematics
Keywords:28S–D2, Caenopachys, COI, Dendrosoter, Doryctinae, Ecphylus, integrative taxonomy, Sycosoter

Doryctinae (Hymenoptera : Braconidae) is a large and diverse subfamily of parasitic wasps that has received much attention recently, with new species and genera described and phylogenies based on morphological and/or molecular data that have improved higher-level classification and species delimitation. However, the status of several genera is still unresolved, if not controversial. Here we focus on two related groups of such genera, Dendrosoter Wesmael–Caenopachys Foerster and Ecphylus Foerster–Sycosoter Picard & Lichtenstein. We integrated morphological and molecular (COI and 28S–D2 genes) evidence to highlight, by phylogenetic analyses (maximum likelihood and Bayesian) and a posteriori morphological examination, previously overlooked variation, which is here illustrated and discussed. Monophyly of Dendrosoter and Caenopachys and the presence of synapomorphic morphological characters support synonymy of Caenopachys under Dendrosoter. Low genetic differentiation and high variability for putatively diagnostic morphological characters found in both C. hartigii (Ratzeburg) and C. caenopachoides (Ruschka) supports synonymy of D. caenopachoides under D. hartigii, syn. nov. Morphological and molecular evidence together also indicate independent generic status for Sycosoter, stat. rev., which is here resurrected. This work represents a further advancement in the framework of the ongoing effort to improve systematics and classification of the subfamily Doryctinae.

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