Doryctopambolus Nunes & Zaldívar-Riverón (Braconidae), a new neotropical doryctine wasp genus with propodeal spines

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2012
Authors:J. F. Nunes, Zaldivar-Riveron, A., de Castro, C. S., Marsh, P. M., Penteado-Dias, A. M., Briceño, R. G., Martinez, J. J.
Keywords:Doryctinae, Hymenoptera, new genus, Pambolinae

The new Neotropical doryctine genus Doryctopambolus gen. n. is erected to contain D. pilcomayensis (van Achterberg & Braet, 2004), comb. n., which was previously placed within Pambolus (Pambolinae), as well as three new species, D. clebschi sp. n.D. dominicanus sp. n. and D. sarochensis sp. n.Members of this new genus are mainly characterised by the presence of at least one pair of conspicuous propodeal apico-lateral projections, which are similar to those present in all members of Pambolinae and in species of three Australasian doryctine genera. We generated DNA barcoding sequences for the three newly described species. We discuss the morphological similarity between species of the Australasian Echinodoryctes Belokobylskij, Iqbal & Austin and Doryctopambolus. A key for the described species ofDoryctopambolus is provided.

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