A new synonym of the Neotropical parasitoid wasp genus Notiospathius (Braconidae, Doryctinae), with redescription of two species and description of five new species from Brazil

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2011
Authors:V. S. De Jesus-Bonilla, Nunes, J. F., Penteado-Dias, A. M., Zaldivar-Riveron, A.
Keywords:Braconidae, Brazil, Doryctinae, Notiospathius, Parasitoid

A junior synonym of the parasitoid wasp genus Notiospathius Matthews and Marsh,Hansonorum syn. n., with two new combinations, Notiospathius carolinae (Marsh) comb. n. andNotiospathius pauli (Marsh) comb. n., are proposed. Two species of Notiospathius from Brazil originally described in early twentieth century are redescribed, Notiospathius caudatus (Szépligeti) and Notiospathius diversus (Szépligeti). Five new species of Notiospathius from southern Brazil are also described: Notiospathius atra sp. n.Notiospathius johnlennoni sp. n.Notiospathius novateutoniae sp. n.Notiospathius sulcatus sp. n., and Notiospathius xanthofasciatus sp. n.Most of the type specimens of the above new species were collected in the mid twentieth century in the Nova Teutonia region, which is now part of the municipality of Seara in the state of Santa Catarina.

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