General description: 

A monotypic genus removed from synonymy under Sactopus, and elevated to the generic level (status revised) by Gebiola et al. (2015) [1].



Reared from larvae of Hypoborus ficus Erichson, 1836 (Curculionidae, Scolytinae) on Ficus (Picard and Lichtenstein 1917).

Look alikes: 

This genus differ from Ecphylus by the following characters:

Hind coxa without basoventral corner and tooth (present in Ecphylus); notauli incomplete and always absent or indistinct posteriorly (often complete in Ecphylus); in hindwing, second abscissa of costal vein always absent (usually present in Ecphylus); hind femur of male often distinctly thickened (not thickened on weakly in Ecphylus); metasoma of male depressed dorsoventrally, distinctly longer than head and mesosoma combined, not curved down apically, its tergites beginning from third one without oblique inner lateral carinae (not depressed, relatively short, curved down apically, its tergites beginning from third one with distinct oblique inner lateral carinaein Ecphylus).


Western Palaearctic.

Taxonomic name: 
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